Alice Through the Looking Glass

Hi Pals! It’s been a while, but it’s summer now and free time is running wild over here. Just recently, on opening night, I went to go see Alice Through the Looking Glass. First off, let. me. tell. you. IT WAS AMAZING. I’m talking special effects done better than great, actors and actresses really giving it their all; I could go on for days about it. The bottom line is: Tim Burton and his crew are geniuses. Anyway, getting to the point, Urban Decay Cosmetics collaborated with Disney and released a new palette and a huge line of lipsticks especially for the movie release. And guess who could not be more excited? (It’s me) So naturally, being a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, caved and paid waaayyy too much money for the 20 eyeshadow palette and it was worth every single penny. This is why I’m writing this…to tell you like 4 people how great these colors are and also how terrible I am at makeup, but that’s beside the point. Without further ado, I present to you: Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Would ya look at that? Feast your eyes on just the mere packaging of this wonder. I really am trying to contain my hype over this palette because you guys have yet to see the best part (although to be fair, it’s all the best part)

Just LOOK at these COLORS!!! Each column fits with a different character (from left to right): Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana (White Queen), Iracebeth (Queen of Hearts), and Time. Each one has cute little names to go along with the colors, the person, and the story. There are so many glittery shades and so many bright, vibrant shades that there is a color for everyone and for every look from colorful, smokey, or natural.

I just wanted to share with everyone my makeup look that I created today with a bunch of the bright colors from the collection and also a few other products that I’ll mention. I hope you’re as excited as I am….

THIS IS IT! It is very bright and has tons of colors in it, so I would recommend it for special wears like to a parade or concert or festival obviously, and not just for your average day out shopping. But aside from the impracticality, I really just did it like this to show the huge range of colors spanning across the rainbow (of course, I had to add colored brows, glitter, and soon to be seen colored lips, too).

The Process:

1. I first highlighted the middle of my eye to give the appearance of a bigger and brighter eyelid using the shade “Royal Flush” 

2. In my inner corner, I patted “Paradox” in and then faded it into the center highlight and lightly blended

3. Taking “Salazen Grum” on a flat brush, I lightly put it underneath my eye on the half closest to my nose

4. Then, on a fluffy brush, I blended “Cake” into my crease only on top of where I put “Paradox” in step 2

5. On the outer corner of my eye, I used Colourpop’s “Taco” (Blue) as my base before blending “Metamorphosis” on top of it

6. Next, I blended the blue out with a bright dark green, “Hatter” in the crease. I also put this green on a thin smudge brush and put it all along my lash line. 

7. To finish off the bright colors, I used a thin angled brush to add some more shadow to the bottom lash line with “Cake” again. 

8. The mess of colors above my crease was looking rough, so I used “Royal Flush” again to highlight my brow bone, pull together the colors, and soften any harsh lines and blend the shades together nicely. 

Afterwards, I added NYX’s colored mascara in “Mint Julep” to my brows to give them a blue-green finish, and then put NYX’s body and face glitter in “Silver” above my brow to give it a glitter highlight. My lips were a light and intense purple, also from NYX, the Liquid Suede  Cream Lipstick in the color “Sway”.

THIS WAS THE FINAL LOOK!! Exciting, I know. These colors are fabulous and this palette legit completes me. While I’m not chill enough to wear the brows, lips, and eyes together out in public, it sure is fun to play around with.

So, that my friends, was Alice Through the Looking Glass. I hope you guys enjoyed that long ramble and half tutorial. See ya tomorrow! 🙂


Well…This is Happening (Part 2)

HI!!!! Long time no see my friends. So, guess what I did again…for the fifth time…? If you guessed go vegan, you’re right!!!! It’s been a little under a week and I am going strong. No real desires to have dairy or eggs or anything other than strawberries and tortilla chips really. This time is the time I actually stick with it (honestly I say this now but watch in a few days…..). Last night I made vegan popcorn tofu- like popcorn chicken- and it was honestly all seven layers of hell packed into 45 minutes. I had to fry them in a skillet with avocado oil because I am cheap and also don’t know how to cook so I winged it. I burnt myself approximately 11 times and ending up wearing and three oven mitts, don’t ask me how. I also made vegan homemade chocolate crunch bars and they’re a) super delicious and b) soooo easy to make. All I did was buy a huge bag of chocolate chips from Costco, melt them, added some rice crisp cereal to the mix, and put it in a pan in the fridge. Benefits of eating it cold: it is lowkey super hard to break so you eat less at once unless you wanna saw at it with a butter knife for 15 minutes. ANYWHO that’s how my night went, watch out for some new pictures and poems in the next couple days!! Alright, more to come later on my vegan adventure ft. new recipes 🙂


Well, attempt number 4 has failed due to my deep-rooted love of cheese, cheese, and also lots of cheese. So it lasted approximately two meals before I devoured pizza and frozen yogurt with a giant smile on my face. That’s really all I have to say before I am shamed, but hey….maybe one day I’ll have the will to like ~actually~  care about my health. Okay, my sour gummy worms and I are out for now.

So…Vegan is Happening (Also Hello I’m New Here)

Well, as of next Monday I will officially be a vegan for the 4th time. The past three times lasted two months, then 1 day, and then I thought about being vegan and decided against it. So that totally counts….Anywhooo it’s happening for real for real this time like I’m going all out. This means giving up cheese dip that makes up at least 50% of my body and the world’s greatest chocolate nut clusters: Nutxactly from Costco. I pretty much just wanted to have a post to make it look like I am a legit blogger instead of a 16 year old with a computer and some avocados BUT HEY there’s a first time for everything so I guess I should introduce myself: My name is Cara (short for Caroline) and since you already know my age and diet I guess I’ll just say that most of what I post are going to be pointless spiels about how big and crazy the universe is and maybe some cool photographs I take. I’d like to welcome you to a life in the day of Cara (I know that’s not the real saying but just bare with me here folks) !!!!