new york on film

hello friends!

I know this is so super late because I visited new york city in April & it’s August BUT art takes time and work okay. So yeah I took like 20 clips that I recorded on my Nikon D3100 and put them all together on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 in the order they fit best with the stop and go (which I planned ahead of time) and lemme tell you, MAN it took so much work to get the green and red lights & timing the transition from the red hand to the walking man. but it ended up pretty decent!!! I added some smooth, classic Lana in the background to combine my 2 favorite things BUT SO YEAH HERE IS NEW YORK ON FILM: my first film project on the best city 🙂

It won’t let me just upload the video so here is the link! More city photos to follow ❤

Yes, More Flowers

Over the month of December, I planted some tulip bulbs with high hopes that they’d bloom this Spring – AND THEY DID!! So naturally, I had to take a ton of pictures of them because they are my pride and joy, and will remain so until they sadly die. OK so here are a bunch of photos of some pretty tulips and a few random flowers that I saw in my yard & while in Athens for prom – ENJOY!

This was my very 1st bloom 🙂
Guys, the bugs…were everywhere 
This lil guy was falling apart but ended up being a perfect op
Pink and green look so pretty together 🙂
That lighting! is to die for!
My beautiful purple tulip just beginning to bloom
G I R L this orange one is flat out GORGEOUS!
This was in Athens 🙂
A lost soldier in my back yard and the yellow was so super pretty