It’s been approximately 2 weeks since I got back from my trip & have I posted my promised lookbook? Nope! But here I am NOW so all is well. Alright I’m not gonna start rambling because there isn’t much to say other than the mirror I had in New York had like weird lines and stuff all through it, but it was also freaking huge so like….I’ll live somehow. ALRIGHT, HERE WE GO

Day 1: NYC

This is the outfit I wore on the plane and during our 1st day in New York! To go through everything, it was:

  •  A pair of matte chelsea style rain boots from Target
  • Red crew socks from TJmaxx
  • Ripped black jeans from Charlotte Russe 
  • Red & grey plaid tights from DSW
  • A white tshirt with red embroidery from Forever 21
  • A basic black cardigan 
  • A black beanie with a lil poof from JCPenny

I ended up with a black rain jacket on too because it was super super cold and rainy, but I looked cute touring Parsons The New School of Design (which was amazing!!!) & New York Film Academy, eating tons of food, getting some goood chinese food, and exploring the city. The tights underneath were a nice detail and they also kept me super super warm the whole day. 

Day 2: NYC

This was the outfit I wore on out “free day” of sorta since we had no college visits and it was a lot warmer / wasn’t raining so I could wear something a little less smothering:

  • Navy Converse
  • The same black ripped jeans from Charlotte Russe
  • A royal blue tank top turtle neck from Forever 21 
  • A huge cream cardigan originally from Chapps but bought at the thrift store 

I also threw on my big navy coat for some extra protection from the wind because it was intense man somehow even when we were inside or in subway stations? Worth it though. We went the the Highline and Chelsea Market, ate lunch & went to Strand Bookstore, and got to some wonderful dinner reservations.

Day 3: NYC

The last photo was my base outfit, but it was literally like 30 degrees out with a 10 degree wind chill & it was also pouring down rain, so I threw on every article of clothing I could find and ended up with: 

  • Dark wash, highwasited jeans from H&M (actually bought on Day 2!)
  • A b&w striped ribbed turtle neck from Forever 21 
  • My black rainboots from Target
  • The long, cream cardigan from the thrift store 
  • My black rain coat
  • A huge, pink-ish scarf from who knows where 
  • My black JCP beanie 

It was also just my luck that my jeans turned my legs, from my hips to my ankles, totally blue because they were unwashed and it was raining. Aside from that, this outfit was warm enough to get me through a Pratt tour & lunch in Brooklyn, a visit to Central Park and the Alice in Wonderland statue, dinner, and Times Square at night. 

Day 4: Boston

This had to be my favorite outfit, it was so cozy and so warm with my sweater & it felt amazing to be out of jeans finally and into some looser pants: 

  • Navy Converse
  • White crew socks from TJmaxx
  • Plaid pants from the thrift store 
  • Navy sweater from H&M
  • Cream cardigan 
  • Navy Bandana 
  • Tan-ish type of beanie from Target (I think??) 

This is what I wore on the bus from New York to Boston, the struggle of getting from the bus stop / airport to our apartment in the East, and getting back to tour Emerson (which was FABULOUS!!!), eat a terrible lunch of noodles and soggy cabbage, and go to Dinner at an amazing Italian place. 

Day 5: Last Day

This was the base of my outfit (of course, ended up with a coat & gloves on), but these shoes were the most comfortable ones of the trip & it was good because we did walk a lot (as we had been doing). 

  • White hightops from Target
  • Lighwash jeans from H&M 
  • Black and white striped shirt from H&M

Day 5 consisted of a visit to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) in Seaport, lunch at the best restaurant for the 3rd time!!!! & walking around Boston Commons before heading to the airport for 4 hours while our flight got delayed. Eventually, we made it home at about 2am, and it was all worth it. 

SO THAT’S ALL FOLKS! I hope that lived up to your expectations minus the poor quality, the lack of creativity due to the weather, and the long wait. I’ll be editing more photos (and a video) from the trip very soon & also be posting a food journey through the 2 cities to give some recommendations. Thanks for reading that super long lookbook from a truly wonderful trip, peace out guys 🙂