panic! at the disco: how brendon urie & co. multihandedly (?) saved my life

WEDNESDAY APRIL 12: THE DAY THAT FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE AND WAS/IS THE BEST NIGHT OF 2017. The Panic! at the Disco Death of a Bachelor tour concert was SOSOSOSOSOOOO GOOD GUYS. But like, it’s chill no big deal or anything I just made this video collage that features my screaming so loud my voice hurt but it’s whatever! Saint Motel and Misterwives opened up, both were amazing! I didn’t know either were opening and I had only listened to like a song of Saint Motel, but they ended up being so good and then MISTERWIVES!!!! I love them so much and when the lead singer came bopping out in her pom pom shorts and fur jacket I started freaking ouuuttt and they did such a good job. They also performed 2 songs off of their next unreleased album and they were so hype so I’m so excited to listen to it when it’s released. Okay onto Panic!, so it was Brendon’s birthday so there’s a clip of everyone surprising him and singing happy birthday and he got so happy :’) He also played the ACOUSTIC VERSION OF THIS IS GOSPEL?!??$ It was breathtaking. Oh, and so these girls handed out all these bright colored hearts to different sections of the crowd for us to hold in front of our flashlights during Girls/Girls/Boys (which was ammaazzzinnnggg) & holy cow! He just like stopped and freaked out because he loved it so much and went on this whole long speech about the revolution and how love trumps hate and how we were making a real impact in the world and on him and I legit almost teared up. ​There were so many times where he would be goofy and like throw his head back in laughter or start goofing around and it was SO CUTE wow they just did such an amazing job and it was wholeheartedly the best concert I’ve ever been to (tøp, you’re still up there boys).  I attached the video I made and it’s about 4 and a half minutes long and worth every second because I shoved so many songs and great moments in & it still doesn’t do this beautiful man and his beautiful band and his personality and looks justice but! that’s okay 🙂 I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!!!! – the end of the first clip is so funny with his lil “yeaaah” – OK I’M DONE


It’s My Anniversary!

GUYS!!!! So, today marks 4 WHOLE YEARS of being vegetarian! In early 2013, I decided to stop eating meat one night at dinner. I had wanted to go vegetarian for a little while, and on March 2 (yesterday but 4 years ago), I ate my last piece of chicken, grossed out by the blood and bones on my plate and in my hands. I set it down, and that was the last of it and now, here we are, on March 3rd of 2017, meat free for 4 long, happy years. Yesterday was also the official 2 months mark of being vegan, but we’re gonna celebrate today and pretend that today’s the 2-month mark so that’s super dope for me! It’s the longest I’ve kept with it (a month & a half was my previous record) so I’m pretty proud of myself for that one tbh. So yeah! That’s all for now, I just needed to share my milestone with everybody and expect a recipe and another poem sometime soon!!!

So Little Will Power and So Little Time

So, I am coming at you guys at 10pm on the Wednesday two weeks after I promised an every Wednesday schedule. School had just started back up and AP Physics is taking some serious energy out of me BUT I am here nonetheless for a little vegan update! It’s been a little over two weeks since I officially went vegan for what, the 7th time, and it’s been so EASY for me for some reason. Like, I forget that I’m vegan now so I just kinda go with the flow and it’s not a whole lot of effort outside of figuring out what I want for lunch that week or dinner than night. Everything in my house is either Vegan or Paleo, so basically I can eat anything that isn’t a boiled egg or a chicken breast, which is really convenient. I also don’t miss any cheese or anything like I usually do because I know it’ll make me sick and I feel so much better without eating junk like that. I still eat sugar in stuff, but I have been trying to limit that or use coconut sugar in place. I am also a lot more ingredient-conscious and I try my best to stay away from anything with a ton of crap in it or a lot of chemicals. I have been photo-logging my body progress and I can already tell that I have come a little way even just in 10 or 12 days which is fantastic. Once I get into months, I’ll try and post some pictures of that progress. I have a recipe post in my drafts that I will be posting soon, and I am trying out 2 new recipes for my birthday next Thursday, so expect those soon! I also discovered that somehow Wednesdays are always super busy even though I get out of school early SO I will be moving my days to Saturday! I am going to try and post my Seven Layer Dip this upcoming Saturday and then go from there. I hope you guys will work with me with my humble beginnings and stick around to see it get organized. Watch for a post in the next few days – peace out dudes.