Long time no see, friends. My vegan journey begins once again in the new year. I know what most people are thinking, “oh god, here she goes again”. BUT HEAR ME OUT: I have not only cleaned out my pantry (along with my parents who are going back on the Whole30 diet), but I have got my thinking on the right path again. I have finally changed my mindset from myself to the animals. In the past, I have gone vegan with all the right intentions but failed after 2 months or 2 weeks because I would say to myself – “I want cheese” or “want this pizza”. This was the total wrong way to go about things. It’s not me who really matters (which sounds bad), but it’s the countless animals who are affected by my negligence and poor choice to continue to eat dairy and eggs. Just because it tastes good doesn’t mean I should eat it, doesn’t mean I should put myself first. I could always put the fact that I was eating something with milk or eggs in it out of my mind because I hadn’t had just plain eggs or a glass of milk in years. It wasn’t until I was eating a Hershey’s bar sometime before Christmas that I realized what I was doing. The brown wrapper had a little circle on one of the corners reading “Made with REAL cow’s milk” with a happy picture of a cow on it. I kind of did one of those double checks because I wasn’t sure what I had just read. It never really connected in my brain that I was still indirectly putting dairy into my body even if I didn’t explicitly drink a glass of milk. I know that makes me sound really stupid, but something clicked that day, and I knew I had to change.

So, starting officially yesterday – January 2, 2017 – I am Vegan for GOOD. I have an accountability partner (one of my lovely friends @zionsmithh on twitter, check her out) and I have a plan. To keep myself in check and sharing my story, I have decided to really keep up with my blog and post weekly. Beginning Wednesday, January 11, I will post updates, recipes, reviews, stories, events or videos that I find every Wednesday. Hopefully everyone will enjoy my posts and they will be helpful to those trying this journey with me. In addition to my weekly posts, I will do my regular writing and photography posts as well on my random days. So, I encourage everyone to #GoVegan2017. Wish me luck!!!

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Well…This is Happening (Part 2)

HI!!!! Long time no see my friends. So, guess what I did again…for the fifth time…? If you guessed go vegan, you’re right!!!! It’s been a little under a week and I am going strong. No real desires to have dairy or eggs or anything other than strawberries and tortilla chips really. This time is the time I actually stick with it (honestly I say this now but watch in a few days…..). Last night I made vegan popcorn tofu- like popcorn chicken- and it was honestly all seven layers of hell packed into 45 minutes. I had to fry them in a skillet with avocado oil because I am cheap and also don’t know how to cook so I winged it. I burnt myself approximately 11 times and ending up wearing and three oven mitts, don’t ask me how. I also made vegan homemade chocolate crunch bars and they’re a) super delicious and b) soooo easy to make. All I did was buy a huge bag of chocolate chips from Costco, melt them, added some rice crisp cereal to the mix, and put it in a pan in the fridge. Benefits of eating it cold: it is lowkey super hard to break so you eat less at once unless you wanna saw at it with a butter knife for 15 minutes. ANYWHO that’s how my night went, watch out for some new pictures and poems in the next couple days!! Alright, more to come later on my vegan adventure ft. new recipes 🙂


Well, attempt number 4 has failed due to my deep-rooted love of cheese, cheese, and also lots of cheese. So it lasted approximately two meals before I devoured pizza and frozen yogurt with a giant smile on my face. That’s really all I have to say before I am shamed, but hey….maybe one day I’ll have the will to like ~actually~  care about my health. Okay, my sour gummy worms and I are out for now.

So…Vegan is Happening (Also Hello I’m New Here)

Well, as of next Monday I will officially be a vegan for the 4th time. The past three times lasted two months, then 1 day, and then I thought about being vegan and decided against it. So that totally counts….Anywhooo it’s happening for real for real this time like I’m going all out. This means giving up cheese dip that makes up at least 50% of my body and the world’s greatest chocolate nut clusters: Nutxactly from Costco. I pretty much just wanted to have a post to make it look like I am a legit blogger instead of a 16 year old with a computer and some avocados BUT HEY there’s a first time for everything so I guess I should introduce myself: My name is Cara (short for Caroline) and since you already know my age and diet I guess I’ll just say that most of what I post are going to be pointless spiels about how big and crazy the universe is and maybe some cool photographs I take. I’d like to welcome you to a life in the day of Cara (I know that’s not the real saying but just bare with me here folks) !!!!