big lights will inspire you

hi friends! I know it’s been a hot minute since ive posted anything, but I went to New York City babyyyy for spring break and I have a LOT to say!!!! (no big surprise) so I want to first say that i’m back to being vegan after a short uhh 7 month break! after exploring new york for the second year in a row and eating LOADS of delicious veggie burgers and asian salads and tofu and vegan cookies and ice cream I’ve decided that the only one holding me back from being vegan is myself. there are so so so many options out there for me, I just have to try. after getting into buddhism as well, I realized that putting the well-being of all earthly creatures first and being ethical towards all living beings is first and foremost. this beautiful city and all of the people within it inspired me to also get back into french and I downloaded duolingo and have been reteaching myself through the practices and games! I love the language and I want to eventually be conversationally fluent in it. hearing all of the families who spoke a different language than I do was so interesting to listen to and observe. this time in the big city, I took a step away from my camera and allowed myself to really take in the city without a lens blocking me from everything. It felt to wonderful to really see and hear the sounds of the city and it’s people. I of course still took loads of pictures of all the art around town, but I made sure not to put that first above truly experiencing each street and all of the people. overall, it was a fabulous, snowy trip that really made me think about what I want to put first in my future. big lights really do inspire you.