july fourth: “it could never happen to me”

On July 4th, 2017, something I never thought would ever happen, DID. I had a really awful skateboarding accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury.  It took everything in me to recover to where I am now, relearning to walk, regaining my voice, my strength, and my intelligence & now, 3 surgeries, 2 infections, 2 hospitals, and 3 months later, I wrote a poem about what it was like and how it affected my life:

have you ever seen the blood drain from someone’s face

their smile fade so quickly it scares you

have you felt the chills of a hospital room mingling with the chills of infection for months on end

it’s like when you’ve grown accustom to a certain song on the radio & now you don’t even notice it playing anymore

have you heard the beeps of a heart monitor not so steady

the shrill screams down the hall?

it’s amazing how much you can love ordinary after you don’t have it

how much you want to yell when you have no voice

you start counting your days in dad lessons, in TV shows finished, in missed opportunities

and counting 

how many tears that have fallen from great heights

or 5 feet above the ground,

they hit hard either way


12 thoughts on “july fourth: “it could never happen to me”

  1. Caroline – as horrific as the event and all that you have and continue to go through, you and your story are a true testimony to the love and existence of our almighty god and the power of prayer. You have touched more lives with your story then you can possibly imagine. I believe God has great plans for you. We love you.

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  2. Wow, that’s our gal, yes our gal! Since all who prayed and followed your healing journey now will hold you up and know a miracle when they see one. You are one special young women and Love will follow you thru life’s journey💕Here’s to you OUR WONDER WOMEN!!!!!

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  3. Caroline, thank you for this insight. When I do a presentation to those in healthcare, especially new nurses, I try to encourage them to look beyond the illness, the injury, the person in that bed. Who were they before, who will they be after? What are they thinking, experiencing, feeling? I tell them to try to imagine themselves there. I remind them we only see a snapshot of that person and their life. When someone is brave enough to share a glimpse of their experience, it is a gift to all who read or listen. It makes us better.
    You have faced so much and have come so far. Your attitude, strength, and grace have been an inspiration. You have united people across the nation in a network of support. How amazing is that?! Caroline, you are fierce!🤦‍♀️⭐🏅🏆👏

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  4. Caroline you are amazing! You fought so hard to overcome this thing that did happen to you! But you had someone helping you! GOD. So many prayers were lifted up. God decided you were so loved and he wanted you to be ok! So to God be the Glory for your recovery. He sure does love you. A whole bunch of others love you!

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  5. You are such a strong, young woman. You get part of that from your parents. I have watched your journey through FB and have been in awe of the strength from all involved. I went to highschool with your mom. We played basketball together. She was strong then and ridiculously strong now. God bless you and your family.

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    1. Caroline, I luv your poem and admire your strength. God definitely has big plans for you and you are luved by so many. Thanks for not giving up. Will continue praying for you and your family. Hugs and luv coming your way.

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