It’s My Anniversary!

GUYS!!!! So, today marks 4 WHOLE YEARS of being vegetarian! In early 2013, I decided to stop eating meat one night at dinner. I had wanted to go vegetarian for a little while, and on March 2 (yesterday but 4 years ago), I ate my last piece of chicken, grossed out by the blood and bones on my plate and in my hands. I set it down, and that was the last of it and now, here we are, on March 3rd of 2017, meat free for 4 long, happy years. Yesterday was also the official 2 months mark of being vegan, but we’re gonna celebrate today and pretend that today’s the 2-month mark so that’s super dope for me! It’s the longest I’ve kept with it (a month & a half was my previous record) so I’m pretty proud of myself for that one tbh. So yeah! That’s all for now, I just needed to share my milestone with everybody and expect a recipe and another poem sometime soon!!!


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