So Little Will Power and So Little Time

So, I am coming at you guys at 10pm on the Wednesday two weeks after I promised an every Wednesday schedule. School had just started back up and AP Physics is taking some serious energy out of me BUT I am here nonetheless for a little vegan update! It’s been a little over two weeks since I officially went vegan for what, the 7th time, and it’s been so EASY for me for some reason. Like, I forget that I’m vegan now so I just kinda go with the flow and it’s not a whole lot of effort outside of figuring out what I want for lunch that week or dinner than night. Everything in my house is either Vegan or Paleo, so basically I can eat anything that isn’t a boiled egg or a chicken breast, which is really convenient. I also don’t miss any cheese or anything like I usually do because I know it’ll make me sick and I feel so much better without eating junk like that. I still eat sugar in stuff, but I have been trying to limit that or use coconut sugar in place. I am also a lot more ingredient-conscious and I try my best to stay away from anything with a ton of crap in it or a lot of chemicals. I have been photo-logging my body progress and I can already tell that I have come a little way even just in 10 or 12 days which is fantastic. Once I get into months, I’ll try and post some pictures of that progress. I have a recipe post in my drafts that I will be posting soon, and I am trying out 2 new recipes for my birthday next Thursday, so expect those soon! I also discovered that somehow Wednesdays are always super busy even though I get out of school early SO I will be moving my days to Saturday! I am going to try and post my Seven Layer Dip this upcoming Saturday and then go from there. I hope you guys will work with me with my humble beginnings and stick around to see it get organized. Watch for a post in the next few days – peace out dudes.


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