Well…This is Happening (Part 2)

HI!!!! Long time no see my friends. So, guess what I did again…for the fifth time…? If you guessed go vegan, you’re right!!!! It’s been a little under a week and I am going strong. No real desires to have dairy or eggs or anything other than strawberries and tortilla chips really. This time is the time I actually stick with it (honestly I say this now but watch in a few days…..). Last night I made vegan popcorn tofu- like popcorn chicken- and it was honestly all seven layers of hell packed into 45 minutes. I had to fry them in a skillet with avocado oil because I am cheap and also don’t know how to cook so I winged it. I burnt myself approximately 11 times and ending up wearing and three oven mitts, don’t ask me how. I also made vegan homemade chocolate crunch bars and they’re a) super delicious and b) soooo easy to make. All I did was buy a huge bag of chocolate chips from Costco, melt them, added some rice crisp cereal to the mix, and put it in a pan in the fridge. Benefits of eating it cold: it is lowkey super hard to break so you eat less at once unless you wanna saw at it with a butter knife for 15 minutes. ANYWHO that’s how my night went, watch out for some new pictures and poems in the next couple days!! Alright, more to come later on my vegan adventure ft. new recipes 🙂